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Chris Skinner Author, Commentator and Troublemaker Chris Skinner is known as one of the most influential people in technology. He is an independent commentator on the financial markets and fintech, through his blog theFinanser.

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His research interests include IT law, privacy and personal data protection law, electronic identification law, electronic payments law, electronic money. He has over 15 publications primarily in the field of law, financial services and IT. He regularly consults on Blockchain, Big Data and select political projects — and advises a number of funds on Blockchain and Technology projects.

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His latest work focuses on Blockchain risk scenarios and using the Blockchain to secure business and government interests. Oz is also running for State Senate in ths State of NY on a pro-blockchain, police reform and community development platform.

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He holds an MSc degree in Economics and Finance, and has a rich traditional financial markets background. Živilė Nečejauskaitė Director of Marketing and Communication at NRD Cyber Security Živilė Nečejauskaitė Director of Marketing and Communication at NRD Cyber Security Marketing and communications professional, passionate about improving cybersecurity culture within organizations, raising awareness about the ever-changing cyber threats and contributing towards NRD Cyber Security mission to secure digital environment for nations, organizations and citizens.

Živilė has organized and hosted a number of cybersecurity events aimed at financial sector not only in Lithuania, but also in East Africa, a region which is heavily focusing on innovation to become a one ecosystem for the free movement of goods, labour domicilio darbas siūlo neapolio pakuotes capital.

She is also a member of various working groups at international organizations, such as the GFCE, which aim to strengthen cyber capacity and expertise globally through international collaboration. TransferWise processes £4bn every month on behalf of its six million customers, saving themselves £1bn a year in bank fees. He has developed blockchain applications in the areas of energy and healthcare and serves as a blockchain advisor. Marinos retains close relationships with the industry and serves as consultant in areas such as blockchain, ebusiness, ehealth and information systems integration.

Marinos has authored more than refereed journal and conference articles, ten teaching textbooks and has received citations and awards of excellence. His research has attracted funding from various bodies and organizations. Marinos is on the editorial board of academic journals as well as on the board of prestigious international conferences and has run minitracks, tracks and journal special issues on Blockchain.


The ideologist and author of the First Ukrainian fintech catalog and map of the ecosystem. Doug travels the world and shoots banks. He has lived and worked abroad throughout his life, from organising film shoots in Mexico, running a bar in France to teaching at a university in Central China.

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She has been a practicing lawyer for over 20 years, and is highly specialised in financial services, media, trade, competition and transport law. Inga is head of Fintech practice group at ECOVIS and has an impressive track record in licensing of financial institutions such as challenger banks, electronic money institutions EMIspayment institutions PIscrowdfunding, consumer lending ompanies.

Besides the vast experience in financial legal services practice, she has a strong academic background, having been a lecturer for ten years in one of the universities in Lithuania. Inga is always excited not only to learn, but also share her knowledge with others.

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Therefore, she is an active participant of various professional conferences and other events in the roles of both a speaker and an attendee. Andrius is a passionate blockchain visionary and prominent business development professional with a passion for new technologies and innovations.

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Andrius has a huge experience working in large-scale innovative projects. Moreover, as a market professional, Andrius is an active participant of governmental and institutional working groups and projects setting the regulatory framework for digital assets in Lithuania and the European Union. Vytautas Karalevičius Vytautas Karalevičius Co-founder of Bankera After graduating in Business Finance at Durham University and Finance at Cambridge University, Vytautas co-founded SpectroCoin — an all-in-one solution for cryptocurrencies which currently has over 1, registered users.

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Operating in the digital sphere for a number of years, Vytautas and his partners have observed that payment solutions offered cryptocurrency auto trading program called bitcoin aussie system new types of online business are very limited. To counter this problem, he decided to start Bankera — a bank account alternative for digital businesses, which was launched in early As an entrepreneur, Vytautas seeks to help people and SMEs to deal with digital payments.

Since the economic activity is clearly moving online, he aims to address the financial needs arising from this shift by developing frictionless cutting-edge solutions. Ieva advises fintech companies on scaling and licensing in Europe.

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She has worked with companies from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, and the United States helping them build their European operations by leveraging benefits of Lithuanian Fintech landscape: talent pool, infrastructure, and regulatory environment.

Stefano worked in Investment Banking at Goldman Sachs before moving to software industries with a focus on financial technology. With a focus on unrivalled connectivity for open banking, Stefano is passionate about building great products to drive financial inclusion. Vaičiūnas professional experience in the Ministry of Energy of Lithuania continues already for a decade — he has been serving in different roles, e.

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During his career Mr. Vaičiūnas focused on the fields of energy security and energy market integration. Vaičiūnas has put considerable efforts into successful accomplishment of such game changing energy projects like floating LNG terminal and electricity interconnections with Poland and Sweden.

In these roles, Jeffrey focuses on advising banks and FinTech companies on regulatory matters, responding to government regulatory inquiries and civil enforcement actions, and representing companies and individuals in government investigations and criminal prosecutions.

Before joining Pryor Cashman inJeffrey spent six years with the U. During his time in the U. He also regularly represents clients in federal criminal investigations, as well as before state agencies, including the New York Department of Financial Services and the New York Attorney General among many others. Jeffrey is a recognized leader on cryptocurrency and blockchain legal issues.

Jeffrey is the Co-Editor of the FinTech Monitor, an online publication that provides commentary on legal developments relating to financial technology innovation, with a focus that includes payment and money transfer technology, the prepaid card industry, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding.

TWINO Group provides a wide range of financial technology services, including peer-to-peer lending in Europe, non-bank lending in several countries such as Poland, Latvia, Russia, Vietnam and Kazakhstan, and smart data and credit rating services.

Anastasia has extensive experience in the financial industry and financial management, including working on a number of large corporate acquisitions, raising capital at Storent, as well as reorganizing and selling assets at the Latvian Iq pasirinkimo sandorių kursas and Cryptocurrency auto trading program called bitcoin aussie system Bank.

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In addition, he serves as independent Board member and consults on starting-up financial institutions including project management, business planning, licensing etc. Paulius has worked in the banking industry for more than 20 years in Lithuania, Sweden, Ukraine and Estonia and being responsible for variety of functions ranging from financial markets to digital banking and taking CFO and CEO roles.

Kęstutis has more than 20 years of IT experience and financial business knowledge which helps to deliver Omni-Channel Digital Banking, Digital Lending and innovative Convenience Retail products.

Kęstutis Gardžiulis participates in local and international FinTech events, conferences, hackathons, advises FinTech startups in Lithuania and abroad. He is passionate about FinTech, blockchain, technology, science and space technologies.

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Jesper is driven by a passion for urban art, fintech, health, energy, and circular economy. Research fields: Fintech and blockchain applications in finance, private and public sectors. An expert of Lithuanian Business Support Agency.

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  • Forex Ai Autotrader, Galimybės tyrėjamsKauno technologijos universitetasKTU Universitetas organizuoja mokslines konferencijas, seminarus ir kitus kaip greitai ir lengvai įsisavinti, į kuriuos kviečia šalies mokslo ir studijų institucijų, valdymo ir ūkio struktūrų atstovus, užsienio šalių mokslininkus ir specialistus.
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Research fields: AI and blockchain applications in finance, private and public sectors. Previous: An associated partner in hpcfinance. Shilpa is accountable for ACAMS regional conferences, curri c ulum development, product expertise and thought leadership.

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Shilpa works closely with senior policy makers, regulators and industry practitioners to increase transparency and information sharing. She participates in sector, national and international think tanks. Shilpa manages multilingual faculty of leading subject matter experts and instructors to work with ACAMS on curriculum developmentinstruction, event programming and task forces.

Shilpa is an industry expert in financial crime prevention in the financial services sector. She has a strong understanding of risk frameworks and control environments.

She is highly regarded for her ability to deliver large sc ale culture change and transformation in technology and financial crime prevention. She also held leadership roles in Barclays in financial crime prevention, governance and controls and led la rge transformation programmes.

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Shilpa has a background in technology and holds a degree in computer science where she was the top student. The founder of the technology recruitment firm bright purple, 25 years old this year and providing talent globally.

Nick spent 4 years working in Lithuania with bright purple and he was also a board member for the British Chambers of Commerce.

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Prior to joining IFC, Mr. He is also a CFA Charterholder. We have today one of the first fully automated SME loan products where no attachments are required and the end-to-end customer onboarding to loan payout process time is measured in minutes.

Contact him at hello peteroakes. Before starting his entrepreneurial path, he gained experience in large multi-national corporations growing numerous companies, including the hiring of over people. Brian set out to create a better option for funding small businesses in by laying the groundwork for what would eventually come to be the fintech company Factris.

Her main responsibility matches her passion of promoting tech savvy teams that build innovative tech, which involves promoting state-of-the-art SaaS services and products at INVENTI. Erika has over 10 years of experience in digital transformation, business development, brand strategy and communications.

Her passion for celebrating innovation is known in the industry through her work in tech, product development and media industries. Erika is also an active part of Lithuanian cryptocurrency auto trading program called bitcoin aussie system community, namely as the ambassador at the WomenGoTech cryptocurrency auto trading program called bitcoin aussie system initiative, where she aims to inspire budding tech professionals and entrepreneurs.

Ian Grigg Ian Grigg Cryptographer Ian Grigg is a recognised inventor and one of the longest standing experts in the blockchain space. For over 25 years, he has architected significant fintech systems. He is the inventor of the Ricardian contract- a way of expressing issuable and tradable financial obligations as a contract online.

He co-invented triple entry accounting, a concept that does for events between firms what double entry accounting did to accounts inside the firm. He has worked with several notable initiatives ranging from protocols to smart platforms to enterprise solutions, including e-gold, EOS, Knabu, Mattereum and R3.

Ian dedicates his primary efforts to innovations in social savings and identity. In addition, he had responsibility for Group policy and procedures in the prevention of money laundering crime, counter terrorist financing and economic sanctions.

In his role as a principal security consultant and team leader, he does not only lead a team of experts but is also still involved in customer projects hands-on. Stephanie graduated from the University of Sydney with certificates in Corporations Law and Forensic Psychology in The content of this workshop will also include the key insights we learned to keep on booking meetings, build pipeline and close deals during the COVID My Linkedin profile here: linkedin.

Dotun has been deeply immersed in blockchain technology at multiple levels development, architecture, product design and strategy over the past 3 years with executive roles in two commercial ventures over the past 2.

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He has vast experience in setting up new teams and offices, including having previously served as Head of Collaboration Technology at Danske Bank. Starting her career as a software engineer, she combines her extensive technical knowledge with her experience integrating new technologies with large corporations to lead the GK8 strategy.

May began her journey in an elite intelligence unit of the Israeli Air Force. Her experience includes leading projects across the financial sector and security fields.

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