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Revenge porn refers to sexually explicit material which is created and widely disseminated to humiliate, threaten or harm a person who has broken off a relationship. The first deep fake pornography featured such famous actresses as Scarlett Johannsson and Gal Gadot. Yet anyone could have his or her face superimposed onto the bodies of porn stars engaged in sexual acts.

Deep fake sex videos have additional negative ramifications.

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In particular, revenge porn could oftentimes be part of sexual humiliation and exploitation, 13 physical, 14 mental 15 or financial abuse of individuals. Given the technological nature of deep fake pornography, three major issues could arise in legal practice. First, it may be difficult to identify the victim.

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Unlike porn videos, deep fake pornography involves three not two individuals: the person s whose bodies are truthfully being represented and the person whose face has been added by AI. In deep fake pornography, none of the individuals concerned had given consent, thus both could raise claims in relation to the violation of their own image rights where available. In jurisdictions where pornography is protected by copyright, the authors of the original filmed content may raise claims with regard to the modification of the video.

The second challenge relates to the identification of the wrongdoer: is it the person who created the original video, the one who created deep fake, or the one who uploaded it to the site and distributed online? Online platforms hosting such content may be not able or willing to react to the requests to remove the content. Should a court order be necessary?

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Bitcoin machine in ottawa canada plaintiff may also face jurisdictional and choice of law hurdles. The social reaction to deep fake pornography content has not been so hostile. With regard to revenge porn, some argue that the victim must have allowed a nude video to be taken in the first place. This can be explained by several behavioural insights. First, people suffer from information or confirmation bias, which suggests that as long as an individual gets some pleasure and there is no threat to personal rights, property or reputation, the individual is not against them.

Deep fakes can have profound negative consequences on the functioning of liberal democracies: deep-faked news reports could target the reputation of certain individuals, portray false or fabricated events eg a fake terrorist attack or impact such democratic processes as electoral campaigns 22 or other socially significant events.

If used by hostile governments, deep fakes could even pose threats to national security or impair international relations.

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From a normative perspective, finding an efficient response to deep fakes used to affect political processes is especially challenging.

Certain sanctions for disseminating false information could be imposed in criminal laws. The problem with this argument is that it does not provide efficient remedies to clean-up the detrimental consequences of videos that have become viral. The danger of deep fakes is that technology enables the creation of an alternative reality where celebrities and public leaders say and do things they never did, thus deceiving an unaware public.

In fact, statistics showing how many viewers viewed or shared a deep fake may not reveal the real impact on those who were represented in deep fakes. Some authors bitcoin machine in ottawa canada that fake news including deep fakes shared on social media tend to have a more diffusive effect than ordinary political campaigns.

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For instance, CereProc is a corporation that uses deep fake technology to create voices for people who have lost their relatives or friends to a disease. Even nowadays, video production is highly unscalable: it is a physical process involving cameras, studios, and actors.

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With GAN technologies, synthetic videos can be produced at 10 per cent of a regular cost. As GAN technologies develop further, the creation of video content will become cheaper and will undoubtedly facilitate a wave of new business models and also facilitate new forms of communication.


Commercial uses of deep fakes are socially beneficial as long as deep fake technologies are used for lawful purposes. In such cases, the suffering party should be able to rely on a wide array of traditional legal concepts and theories in contract or tort law. Furthermore, in situations where there is disagreement as to the legal ownership of the new content created using GAN technologies, parties should be able to rely on the existing rules on initial ownership or the work-made-for-hire doctrine, where available.

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After the hype of using deep fakes in pornographic settings, the online community started exploring further uses of deep fakes: eg to face-swap images of Nicolas Cage onto widely known scenes of the most popular films.

Deep fakes certainly empower creators to create new content and develop innovative forms of creative expression. In the same vein, deep fakes could be generated as a form of parody or satire eg videos, memes, etc.

Accordingly, deep fakes could be seen as a medium that facilitates creative interactions and political debates. Creative deep fakes could be considered a constitutive part of free speech.

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However, one of the unintended consequences of using deep fakes technology in creative or educational settings is that it could lead to bullying, eg of children at schools. Bitcoin machine in ottawa canada a legal perspective, besides the invasion of privacy, a number of other fundamental legal doctrines, including contract, tort, and property law, could be relevant in disputes concerning the lawfulness of creative deep fakes.

Furthermore, creative deep fakes may lead to certain IP-related controversies. Creators of deep fakes could try to invoke various arguments in order to avoid liability. For instance, in the case of prima facie copyright infringement, the creator of a deep fake could invoke statutory exemptions such as parody or satire. However, if the deep fake is used for commercial purposes, the defendant bitcoin machine in ottawa canada have challenges in showing that the use at hand is actually fair.

Secondly, the fair use doctrine requires to look at the nature of the original work: whether it was published or not. In the case of deep fakes, especially in situations where deep fakes are based on a multitude of input files, it may be hard to see how this second requirement of the fair use doctrine would play out in a particular case.

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Thirdly, the defendant in a deep fake case may be successful in showing that the only small baldų vidutinės dvejetainės parinktys of the original work was used to create deep fake; and the whole dispute would then revolve around the quality and quantity of the original work or works used to create the deep fake at hand.

The alleged infringer may have more luck if only a short snippet of a film was used; however, if that short snippet was the best-known scene from a film, then the defendant might not succeed on this point. Finally, the fourth element of the fair use analysis requires evaluating the effect on the potential market of the original product. Again, this will depend on the given factual circumstances of the case. The role of law in the world of autopiloto prekybos programin ranga AI In the previous section, we distinguished four different categories of deep fakes and discussed the moral, ethical and legal issues that could arise in practice.

We also bitcoin machine in ottawa canada some of the traditional public and private law concepts, theories, and doctrines that could be used to deal with a certain category of deep fakes.

We also tried to show that the novelty of the technologies empowering individuals to create deep fakes may raise new issues with regard to the interpretation and application of law.

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Nevertheless, we are not of the opinion that the existing legal categories are helpless. Instead, we believe that currently valid laws will naturally evolve hand-in-hand with changing technologies. In this section, we build on the previous analysis and raise some normative questions with regard to the role of platforms through which deep fakes are distributed, as well as the role of the state in regulating deep fakes. We start with the notion of the democratization of AI and propose bitcoin machine in ottawa canada possible technological solution which—if proven to work—could help determine the authenticity of distributed content.

We then suggest that i ethically wrong and dvejetainiai variantai jamaikoje harmful deep fakes should be subject to strict sanctions and that ii online content distribution platforms should play a more active role in identifying and flagging deep faked content.

Hypothetically speaking, there is also a possibility that, as deep fake generation technologies evolve and become more sophisticated, the deep fake detection technologies will also have to advance.

As a consequence, it may never be possible to detect the most sophisticated deep fake content. We are moving towards a world where AI is democratized: machine learning, neural networks, and AI systems are going to become even more powerful and will likely lead to the automation of many manual processes. Currently, private companies and government-funded research tanks are generating data sets which can allow the creation of various algorithmic governance systems.

The purpose of this endeavour is to increase efficiency in relation to: i the accuracy of information and decision-making processes, and ii the backing up of the outputs with evidence. Such information could be based on financial data obtained from the borrower or from third-party sources data brokers. First, the manufacturers of various content-generating voice and video recording devices already use various timestamping tools that attach the metadata to images and videos created by a specific device eg time and place where that image or video was taken, with what device, etc.

This metadata could be used to detect whether a certain file has been modified over time. Secondly, deep fakes could turn out to be one of the first real-world use cases where blockchain would actually make sense: if all hardware manufacturers start adding metadata to the content that is generated by their devices, checksum a digit representing the sum of the correct digits in a piece of stored or transmitted digital data bitcoin machine in ottawa canada be used to detect errors in the file as it moves in a network.

Such comparisons of the metadata could be feasible if checksums are stored in a public blockchain. Certainly, the development of such complex technological solution requires significant investments and testing. The profound impact of deep fakes would require a strong position from the regulators. Given that deep fake detection technology is difficult to create, it would be practically more efficient if the governments took a decisive stance and imposed stringent sanctions on the creation of socially harmful deep fakes.

Sanctions imposed for making counterfeit money could serve as a stepping stone in determining the proportionality of criminal sanctions for deep fakes created for socially harmful purposes.

Deep fake detection technologies are necessary not bitcoin machine in ottawa canada because deep fakes are highly realistic. Such detection technologies are also desirable from the normative and constitutional law point of view. This is because technological measures for controlling content would be less intrusive than the regulation of speech in general. Nor could such an outright ban pass the constitutional thresholds for regulating free speech.

Suppose that a bitcoin machine in ottawa canada foreign nation leaks a politically detrimental deep faked video the night before elections take place.

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The video goes viral and reaches millions of voters who have not yet made up their minds about how to vote.

Should platforms be put under certain obligations to control bitcoin machine in ottawa canada content is disseminated?

Currently, most of the content distribution platforms such as YouTube, Facebook or Twitch, have numerous legal obligations to control the content. In fact, these platforms already have the most advanced technologies to detect immoral, illegal or malicious content, flag it and remove it.

There are also multiple tools for platform users for spotting and notifying the platform operator about such content. Since deep fakes are in most cases uncannily realistic and can hardly be distinguished by human eye, the platform operators are going to face increasing pressure to implement new tools.

The technical talent and the resources available to these content distribution platforms place them in a comparatively better position to address the question of the authenticity bitcoin machine in ottawa canada content.

Concluding remarks Rapid developments in the areas of machine learning, data science and GANs prompted the emergence of a new subset of the content known as deep fakes. Just like many previous technologies Sony Betamax recorders, virtual reality, or Bitcoindeep fakes have initially been used for some illegal or immoral activities. In this article, we have shown that deep fakes could also have socially beneficial outcomes by reducing transaction costs in creating derivative content as well as by facilitating new forms of creativity.

We submit that the fate of deep fakes will depend on how well liberal democracies are able to combine technological, socio-political and regulatory approaches to address the challenges that they present. As a result of these shortcomings, economic and legal incentives for market-driven solutions should be encouraged.